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In 1906, St. Agnes Academy opened its doors on Fannin Street at the urging of Sacred Heart parishioners to provide boarding and day school education for girls. With the blessing of the Bishop Nicholas A. Gallagher, the Dominican Sisters of Houston began a tradition of encouraging Academy women to develop intellectual curiosity, work for social justice and act with integrity and compassion. Today, this legacy continues with annual enrollment of over 900 students and more than 9,300 alumnae.

Members of the 1906 Society ensure this legacy will continue for generations to come. They affirm their commitment to the mission of St. Agnes through a future gift that is made as a bequest in their will and/or estate plan. There are many ways this can be done including; naming St. Agnes in their will or naming St. Agnes as a beneficiary of a life insurance policy or retirement plan. More options are available for your consideration by choosing the tab “Easy Gifts” or “More Ways to Give” above.

When a benefactor has made their decision to honor us with this most thoughtful philanthropic gift and they notify St. Agnes—either verbally or in writing—they will be welcomed into the 1906 Society. It is important for you to know that your membership can be public—shared in our honor roll of donors—or you can choose to remain anonymous. We honor your wishes.

Members of the 1906 Society receive notification of special events throughout the year including an invitation to our annual Guardian of Youth dinner each spring.

Our Members Include

Mark A. Albright
Marie Hayes Altazan '42†
Stephanie Ross Avioli '80
Barbara Bauer Barrett '70
Ardis Bartle '75
Mary Elizabeth Gay Bennett '32 †
Berta Bergia '74
Paul and Rosina Madden Berres '54
Sally Crow Bishop †
Georgia Simpson Blair '27 †
Bill† and Pat† Joplin Boy '44
Jim and Mary Meyer Boyles '55
Holly and John Brennan
Evangeline Caridas '69
Michelle K. Carnahan ‘86
J.A. Castille, Sr. †
Karen and Howard† Chapman
Lisa M. Chmiola
Dr. Catherine A. Clancy '63†
Sr. Ruth Coburn, O.P. †
Cleo Catherine Congrady '43 †
Sharon and Tom Copper
Laura Knopp Crabtree '50
Roger P. Davis †
Mary-Clare Mertes Day '85
Kay Bayless Dobelman '43 †
Mary V. Duplechain †
Madeline C. Echols ’07 †
Anne Favo †
Myra W. Florance ‘60
Jeannine and Patrick Flynn
Vivian Flynn '49 †
Vivienne Mayfield Francis '35 †
Mike Duvall and Sydney Free '75
Friends of St. Agnes (3)
Helen Allnoch Fullerton '28 †
Suzanne Goetter-Stepanek '61
Karen Pix Gore '57
Richard and Joyce Pavlu Heiss '57
Bridget Hennessey '90
Wayne and Calista Schneidau Herbert '69
Mildred O'Riordan Hildebrandt '33 †
Louis "Doc" Houde †
Jean † and Jack † Joplin
Reema and Chris Kasavich
Kathy Kokas '73
Dee Langley '57
Evelyn Gillen Leonard '25 †
Carol and Terry Lester
Antoinette Maida Letsos '37 †
Maria Lucas †
Kenneth and Judy Huck Lynn '58
Rita and Johnny Madden
Mary Kathleen Hildebrandt Foundation
Frieda McGrath Mendelsohn '39 †
Sr. Jane Meyer, O.P. ‘57
Claire E. Mueller '80
Kristen Hanshaw Nichols '07
Mary Jane O'Meara O'Rourke '47†
Bobbie Navarro Orr '62
Norman and Ann Traynor Palms '57
Mary and John Perrotti
Rev. William M. Pickard †
Jeramie and Lori Sebastian Pinter '88
Julie Valenzuela and Jeffrey Powers
Eleanor Todd Prado '07
Valerie Rickert '77
Anna Lucille "Fussy" Roach †
Catherine A."Tucker" Roach †
Sr. Mary Joseph Roach, O.P. †
Janice Robinson '64
Alberta Perucca Rogers '48
Cecilia Roney 1918 †
Helen Roney 1917 †
Paul Roney †
Julia Plessala Samson ‘80
Elizabeth A. Sauer †
Betty Muhl Schulte '43
Robert and Carolyn † Ray Simpson '59
Cindy A. Stowell ‘75
Rusty Swisher †
Marie A. Tardo '42
Billie Teltschik Teas '50
Delta Horrigan Thompson '49 †
Margaret Thompson '39 †
Diane and John Thornton
Jim and Shelley Savarino Ulm '84
Nell McGordon Willmann '29 †
John and Ana Maria Gonzalez Wood '82

Your legacy, their future.

For more information contact:

Mary Perrotti